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May 16 2018 ESP Mijas, Teatro Las Lagunas
May 18 2018 ARG
Córdoba, Teatro Real
May 19 2018 ARG Rosario,
Auditorio Fundación
May 20 2018 ARG Buenos Aires,
Teatro Gran Rivadavia
May 22 2018 CHL
Santiago, Teatro Cariola

While I was studying in Karlsruhe´s Music University, in Germany, in 2002, I became interested in performing Scandinavian and Finnish songs for the Latin American audience. I gathered information about these countries and realized that composers like J.Sibelius or E.Grieg were not so familiar outside the classical music lovers on a more popular level. As I was particularly studying German lied music, I felt there might be a chance to let them know a bit of my music.
I spoke with two friends of mine, Ingvild and Marjut and we decided to start organizing a small tour in South America. As a pianist, our dear friend Izumi wanted to join us.
Noche Escandinava means Scandinavian Night in Spanish. The reason why we chose this name was obvious at that time: the concerts were going to happen in Argentina and Chile, both Spanish speaking countries. As well, even though we were two Finnish singers and a Norwegian one, the program was going to be based in Scandinavian songs (Norway, Sweden, etc).
It was a great success and we felt that the idea behind all this had been achieved.
For the second edition of Noche Escandinava, during April and May 2004, we had a change in the line up: Ingvild Storhaug was replaced by Juha Koskela (Finnish baritone) and the repertoire this time, was based entirely on songs from Finnish composers.
We decided not to change the name of the group anymore, because so many people knew us already as Noche Escandinava. Finland is not a part of Scandinavia, but despite of that, we wanted to keep our touring name as it was before.

It is now, finally, the time for a third tour of Noche Escandinava.

Tarja Turunen

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